How do you make money as a student this summer in Bucharest with the help of the phone

If you are a student, you probably know how difficult it can sometimes be to live from one day to the next without turning to the help of parents.

How do you make money as a student this summer in Bucharest with the help of the phone
How do you make money as a student this summer in Bucharest with the help of the phone

You may have a scholarship, maybe you have a job more or less tiring, inevitably, the money does not come from heaven for anyone. When you are a student, the pressure to make money on your own comes out of nothing - even when your parents help you - and it hits you strongly.

You realize that for the first time in your life you have to work hard to support yourself, not just look at your parents with big puppies and promise that you will only get high grades at school if they give you money.

If, however, the idea of ​​a job seems too intimidating, there are always more straightforward and more friendly ways to get started.

I remember that in my first year of college, such a way came in the form of making weekend promotions in supermarkets - that is to be one of those smiling and friendly faces that invites you to indulge things and buy them, hoping you will win any promotion.

It kept me up until the second year when I found a good job. Even so, those weekend earnings from promotions were a way of demonstrating to me that I can still make some money without asking my mother or dad.

Today, besides promotions, several options were not a few years ago: Glovo, Uber, and Lime. Each of them requires something different, but they all come with the same guarantee - that you can still make money on your own when you're on holiday.

What can you do with Glove
You may have seen them on the street - those bicycles with yellow cubicles in the back of the cubicle, which crossed the large and vast city. Basically, if you are a courier to Glovo, your responsibility is to deliver food (most of the time), but also shopping in supermarkets and top stores to Glovo customers.

The official website says that such a courier can earn 12 lei per order, but the income varies according to experience and valuations.

The good part is you can do this anytime you like. You choose when you connect and which orders you accept - and such autonomy is significant when you want to step into the labor market, but you are ashamed.

But to become a glover, you must have a vehicle (it can be a bicycle, a motorcycle or a car), an Android device or an iPhone and, of course, be over 18 years old.

If you want to try, you can sign up HERE.

What can you do with Uber
If the phrase "to be your own boss" usually applies to sad and tired MLMs, Uber is excellent. Basically, if you have a car that meets the Uber standards and driving license, you're liable to be a Uber driver.

Of the entire race, the Uber commission of 25%, the tax (3% for the PFA), the fuel (at 7% consumption) and the car wear, as shown by invitation, is reduced. On a typical day, a driver who runs 20 races in eight hours can earn a net income of up to 200 lei.

If the day is more crowded or rainy, Uber's dynamic fare takes place, which involves more money earned by the driver.

Like Glovo, you can be a Uber driver whenever you like and as much as you like. Choose which races you accept and which races do not have enough freedom of movement. You just have to be decent, as a human being with your clients (read: "Do not be a freak like most taxis"). To become a Uber driver, you must have a driving license of at least one year and a criminal record without a criminal record.

If you're curious, you can record HERE.

If you do not want to ride on sharing, you can always get food. Uber Eats allows you to do both a bicycle and a car or a scooter. The delivery costs 7.5 leva per customer, but like delivery, the money is different. You have a lion per kilometer, 2.20 lei when you pick up the order and a lion when I place it. But there are also electric rates (up to 2.3 times higher than the usual ones). You receive the total amount per week in your account. Yes, there is a tip option. You can sign up through the official website.

What you can do with Lime?

A method may be even more straightforward than Glovo and Uber is to become a juicer for the recently-launched Lime trotted rental application. Basically, anyone can become a juicer, according to the community manager Lime for Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, Romanian Rebecca Stella. But what does this mysterious job mean?

Basically, anyone with the Lime app can get into the juicer mode and see what trots are available to be loaded. Once these have been found, you have to go to them, pick them up, and then put them back on the street.

It's a fast way and does not require much effort to make money. The reward will be per trout and will start at 10 lei. If you load a trotting correctly and place it where you need it, you get 10 lei. If the battery is empty, it takes up to 4-5 hours to charge 100%. Stella even pointed out that he hoped the students would take advantage of this opportunity in an interview with Startup Cafe.