The reasons why you want to move from Android to iPhone

There are many reasons why you prefer an iPhone to the detriment of an Android phone, and the iOS 13 operating system brings even more.

The reasons why you want to move from Android to iPhone
The reasons why you want to move from Android to iPhone

iOS 13 seems to be a fantastic update for iPhone owners and a reason for Android fans to change the camp. What are the changes brought to iOS 13 that could convince you to move from Android to iPhone?

Apple seems to put your data protection first
The American company has implemented a system that allows you to be more secure when you are online. "Sign in with Apple" is similar to Google or Facebook, but Apple is one that keeps your data confidential, nobody can track you, and if you do not want to, you can not give your mail address and choose one randomly generated by Apple.

Another feature that iOS 13 brings is the notification of how apps are tracking you. You'll be able to see when an app started to analyze your location, and you can choose location analysis to be active only when you actually use that application, not in the background. So, you will not even wake up with the fact that an app knows where you're going, though not yet used (this will also be possible on Android Q).

A great feature on Android comes to the iPhone
The fingerprint swipe feature on the keyboard also goes on iOS. This way, users will be able to quickly write messages just by sliding their finger on the keyboard. Apple realizes how important this writing method is and implements it directly in iOS, so you do not have to install another application.

Another thing that comes to the American company's smartphone is the ability to read an external drive. If you insert a USB stick into an iPhone (with adapter) or an iPad, Apple will be able to read it and make it easier for you to work with files and photos. You can use the mouse and keyboard on your iPad.

Safari will be a better browser and will close your old windows. Did you open a Google Chrome or Safari link on your mobile and did you see that you have more than 50 open tabs? This should not happen again. In iOS 13, Safari automatically shuts down older windows.

The hottest iOS 13 feature you want on Android
Phone theft is still a problem, but there is a solution if you are an iPhone user. If you lost your phone (or any other Apple product) or stole it, then you can find it with Find My Phone because your phone will communicate with Bluetooth with other Apple products (iPhone, Mac or iPad ) and so the position of the product will be more comfortable to find.

This Bluetooth communication would work even if Apple devices are closed and should not consume a lot of battery power. That should much discourage the theft of Apple devices. Also, this type of communication is encrypted, and neither Apple will have access to information.

The iOS 13 will be available in the autumn on iPhone, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus and iPhone SE.