Three Romanians participate in the Genius Olympics. What they did to get there?

Three high school students from the "Octavian Goga" National College in Sibiu attend the Genius Olympics in the USA. The young people will represent Romania with two inventions.

Romanians participate in the Genius Olympics
Romanians participate in the Genius Olympics.

Alexandru Rădac, Daniel Marpozan, and Codrin Muntean are students in the 10th grade in mathematics and computer science and form the Aerotech team. The three young people have made two inventions: a robot and intelligent energy saving system.

The robot is not a simple one, but one capable of saving people from a fire without endangering the life of rescuers. The robot created by the three pupils in Sibiu has an arm that can be extended, with which people can be removed from the firefighting buildings without the firefighters having to risk their lives.

The inventions that led high school students to the Genius Olympics.

The second invention will be presented in the science-innovation section and consists of an intelligent energy-saving system. It will be able to control the lights in a home via a sensor network. The three high school students have created the system based on infrared barriers, which automatically constrain the views in a home and keep track of the number of people in the room.

The idea is that this system only provides light when a person needs it. They participated with this project at a contest in the country where they presented the layout, but in the US, they must demonstrate how it works and have a mobile application. In the US, they will show how two door-mounted devices can count how many people are in a room, they can provide their light while they are inside, all without pressing on a switch.

"Participating in this event would be an opportunity to meet both new technology and the talented people behind them. The presence of our team in the contest could make a significant contribution to the local development of the technological equipment, taking information from this sphere from both the organizers and the participants, "the three high school students show in presenting their project.